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    How much are you making as a Binance affiliate in 2021? [SCREENSHOTS]

    Hey did anyone else's account referrals disappear? I had a few hundred 'friends' around the middle of last year, and then recently I checked and I have no visible referrals. It looks like the whole system changed.
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    Link share PPC?

    I'm not really sure what to call them, but what are the best link sharing PPC sites right now? Like, the ones where you click and have to wait five seconds while ads show, etc.
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    ✅ SEMRUSH GURU $7 ✅ ENVATO ELEMENTS $14 ✅ MOZ PRO $7 ✅ CANVA $7 ✅ SHUTTERSTOCK $7 ✅ FREEPIK $14 ▶️ and more ◀️

    Hello! I'm interested in the Semrush 14 day account but it's showing on your site as $10 and not $7...
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    Service for disposable credit cards that are accepted at Semrush?

    I'm trying to sign up to Semrush using a card, and it keeps saying "Sorry, the credit card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please provide a different card." I think it's because it's considered a prepaid card, but maybe it's just specifically their cards that are...
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    Android app for rotating hotspot?

    I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to roll my own mobile proxy. I only need one 'port', so I can do it with a spare android phone and one SIM card. I just don't know about how to automate the process.. is there an Android app that let's me setup a proxy service through the phone, and that...
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    Comment karma?

    I need a fast way to get comment karma. Post karma is easy peasy, but comment karma seems very contingent on getting lucky commenting on a “rising” post. Any foolproof methods?
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    Autoblogs, how are you generating income?

    Affiliate links? If so, and you are generating thousands of articles, how are you automatically picking affiliate items for your articles and how are the links being chosen? Or is it adsense/etc?
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    [No VOIP] SMS Verification! Real Numbers. # CHEAP # API # AUTOMATIC #

    would love a test balance! Thanks!
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    Accounts getting shadow banned suddenly?

    Has anyone else had this issue? I coded a bot two years ago and created thousands of accounts. It used recaptcha solving, a lot of tricks to anonymize browser fingerprints, etc. 90% of the accounts were totally fine up until a few weeks ago. Suddenly almost all of the accounts are shadow banned...
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    How are people still uploading white noise to Spotify?

    I’m trying to upload an album of white noise, and all distributors I’ve tried say they can’t accept ambience, etc. But I can find many examples of albums of white noise and similar sounds uploaded as recently as this month. How are people doing this?
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    (USA) Is it actually a crime to not disclose an affiliate link?

    Hypothetically, if you are putting affiliate links in places you shouldn't and not disclosing, are you able to be charged for a crime? Or is it only the company you are advertising for who is liable for anything?
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    Google Trends volume question

    I have a keyword that I've already ranked for and I'm seeing really good conversion off of (3-5 conversions a week) but if I go to google trends and lookup the keyword, it says the search doesn't have enough data to show. Why is that? Surely this keyword is getting a lot of volume if I'm...