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    [ERROR] Instagram Redirects to Homepage IG Botting

    So as the title says: Why do some accounts redirect to homepage whenever they try to follow? In gmt2 shows up as suspicious activity but no way to mail or phone verify when I access through embed browser and it is all fine until I try to follow somebody, it redirects back to homepage... Any...
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    Best IG Follow/like bot

    Buy a VPS bud, u can geta good one for 7€ a month
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    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    Wow that is a great idea. So u earning cash on affiliate products while you do mother slave method to grow main brand accounts ?
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    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    Oh really? I mean what do you do with those niche account just sell them or do you do something else like selling your own products or affiliates?
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    [FREE] Custom bot/script

    This guy is unbelievable! Haven´t seen anyone do such things for free. Contacted him on PM and 30 mins later the script I asked for was done. What a beast xD
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    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    Have you already adventured into CPA world? Or just doing niche accounts atm?
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    I wanna start other online business

    Do CPA + IG or Dropshipping both are quite interesting at least to me. Amazon Affiliate Sites are really cool and micro niche blogs too
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    [HIPOTHESIS] Something we are missing on IG

    For all those who are doing Adult + Smartlinks on instagram, haven't you thought that it is pretty weird that instagram detects this type of accounts so quickly? The banrates are by far the highest at least from my experience my regular CPA accs have lasted for months while adult accs don't...
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    Is smspva still a good website to use ?

    Why does it suck badly on instagram?
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    Best Wordpress Page Builder "According to you"

    To me divi builder made websites look like shit. To me the best by far is visual composer and then elementor and cornerstone
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    Instagram NOWADAYS!! Need to discuss with all

    1 unique domain pre lander per account
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    Instagram NOWADAYS!! Need to discuss with all

    Let me tell you what I think it is. Mainly Links and too many accs on same proxy, when instagram disables the Home Ip Accs and detects there are many more accounts related to those disabled accs which are using the same links IG procceeds to ban those aswell I dont think it has to do with the...
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    IG+Dropshipping Road to 100$ daily

    What you can do to avoid getting IG suspicious is to use unique domain pre landers that lead to your main webpage, maybe a leaving instagram fake page or fake captcha page or even some of your product images that redirect to the actual page. You should shorten both the pre lander and the...
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    IG+Dropshipping Road to 100$ daily

    Here is a quick screenshot of a graph I did. I am on the same path as your are but have recently left that project on stand by to focus on IG + CPA for a while, meanwhile my colleagues will keep the project alive. Good luck with yours and anything you may wanna no do not doubt to ask me!!
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    IG+Dropshipping Road to 100$ daily

    Use SPINTAX if supported by your bot