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    Jarvee Quick Question

    I've been using Jarvee for about a year now with no issues. For IG, I suggest starting slow and VERY conservative. To answer your actual question, I've set up FB automation and had no issues without using a proxy. I'm sure results vary depending on user but if you play it safe, you shouldn't...
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    Pm'ed you
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    Cosmetics brand using Facebook Ads

    The best way to see conversions is to narrow down to 1m-5m audience. On top of that, start with 2-3 different ads and only do $5 a day each. No reason to do $50 a day until you know the ad is profitable.
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    US 2020 Politic blogs already making money

    Anything political is always money bags for those who know how to work it.
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    [Help] Is this good or bad?

    It really all depends on your niche.
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    Mancar's ULTIMATE Clickbank Guide

    Amazing pdf! Being new to clickbank, I've learned a ton. Could you PM me your products? Thanks!
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    Jarvee Alternative Tool

    Ahh makes sense. I've only used it for IG and Pinterest. I usually don't hear anyone use it for any other SM platforms. Best of luck!
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    Jarvee Alternative Tool

    What kind of issues are you having with Jarvee? I've been using them for about a year with no problems.
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    I know your password

    I think 90% of the battle is getting a hold of the leaked passwords and then spam the emails first.
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    I know your password

    I wonder how successful this scam is. I've been seeing this go around for years.
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    [Freebies] Giving Away Premium Account to Every Member

    Would love one! Thanks in advanced.
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    [SERPIOLOGY-2021] ►Strong Contextual PBN links ►Handmade HQ content ►High TF Minimum 25+ Maximum 35+►Limited 50% Discount

    Hello, I've messaged you several times for the past 2 weeks to have you fix a mistake that was made with the anchor texts. This is important that it's changed before the posts are indexed. Can you please correct it? Thanks
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    Free to publish two guest blogs for you

    I'm in! I've added you :)