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    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Your site does not use SSL so it is not encrypted. It is weak against hackers and could be used to mine username/password combinations.
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    Extract phone numbers from a chat history

    Use something like "\+[0-9]{2} [0-9]{3,4} [0-9]{4}/g" in any regex editor
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    I am a programmer , write here your bot ideas.

    neewby here. Reference? Thats just a website tho... expired content? like domains not used anymore? Shouldnt be too hard Sounds easy to do, but most forums have IP tracking systems or only mark a interactions if you're logged in. Where would you sell it? I'll make it.
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    I am a programmer , write here your bot ideas.

    Too expensive to build. Also where would you get proxies besides buying (broken) proxies?
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    I am a programmer , write here your bot ideas.

    Lucky we don't have one yet. The day we do, our species will end.
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    Alluc api

    Thats not hard to do. idk the api but curl is pretty self-explanatory. Provide more context and maybe the part of the code you're having trouble with. Also enable debugging like Gogol said
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    Indian NRI Email Database

    what database? is there a place you're trying to get info from or general scouting?
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    Hey y'all

    Been lurking for a while. Feels good to finally join. I'm an engineer. I've been building hardware and software for years, down from assembly and c++ for embedded platforms, all the way to SQL and PHP for servers, and (almost) everything in between. Work is boring, so I thought I'd find some...