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    Question for the ORM experts about medical

    I can see a couple of different possibilities for success here. 1. Create an alter ego. If your client is a surgeon, the alter ego would be a dentist or something in an unrelated medical field. The alter ego would be a long way away and the city/state would need to be prominent. I would also...
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    How do you guys deal with customers who blackmail your client over 1-star Google reviews?

    I appreciate the mention! For Google reviews, you just need a consistent strategy to secure good reviews. Companies like BirdEye (and many others) provide a simple to implement solution that the customer can take over themselves. They need to collect client info, and then input it into a system...
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    Press release for ORM Works?

    Yes, that can rank, depending on where it's syndicated.
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    Great BHW MOD and Grear BHW Community

    Poor performing services are always going to be around. Buyer beware applies to everything. You should test and know what you're looking for, ask questions, and ensure that what you're buying is what you want. A seller is selling a service, if you don't like that service, it doesn't mean it...
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    Google local service listings

    I thought you were trying to get clients to leave a review. Do you have clients who could actually leave a review?
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    Best Free Keyword research Tool | Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

    Most keyword tools will give you that data, and a lot of rank tracking tools will as well. We use Ahrefs internally.
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    Looking for an Online Reputation Management Expert to Take Down A Link From Google

    There are a lot of companies who offer what you're looking for. You can post in Hire a Freelancer if you're looking for an individual. I would suggest that, at a minimum, ensure they can competently demonstrate having completed successful campaigns in the past. They should have data or...
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    Suggestions On How To Suppress Negative Links

    In order to suppress newspapers you need high quality sites. Directories are not quality. Anything that can be spammed should be avoided because it's easy for Google to devalue. We focus on relationship-based content and links. Send emails, call the publisher, connect on LinkedIn, find a way to...
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    Get money back from Lawyer

    Have you expressed your dissatisfaction and asked for a refund?
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    How to get Trustpilot less dominant in my search results?

    We outrank Trustpilot regularly. In order to suppress (that's the word for what you're referring to) the negative website (Trustpilot), you need to have strong positive assets and then build links to them. The strong positive assets could be other review platforms, interviews, review sites...
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    Does anyone know how to get negative links pushed down on google?

    Google's algorithm believes the negative newspaper article is the best and most relevant website for your name. That's why it's ranking high in the search results. Once you understand that, the next steps make sense. You need to get better, more relevant content published that will rank in the...
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    Google Review Recommendations?

    Moved to HAF.
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    Google local service listings

    Are you trying to leave a review for a business on Google? When I click on their reviews, I get this page, can you just click "Add A Review"?
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    How to reduce a website spam percentage?

    Most of the advice posted is not accurate for Moz's Spam Score. Here are the variables that Moz uses to determine their Spam Score. Here are a couple quick highlights: Add Google Tag Manager Add real phone number...
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    How to make fake article about myself online, and make it visible when people search my name?

    For a somewhat more difficult way, you could set up an account on HARO, start offering quotes and try to get quoted in real journalist's articles.