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    Ranking dropped after changing Thumbnail

    Yes, it likely was because you changed the thumbnail. If you have a good ranking don't mess with the onpage SEO. This includes thumbnails, description and even tags.
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    Should I apply my Blackhat YouTube Channel for Monetization?

    I had a channel banned when I applied quite some time ago and I can only assume that the reason for the ban was that they took a good look at it and could tell that I had purchased views at one point.
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    Best Youtube Video First Page Checker

    It only allows you to monitor YouTube rankings if you use a paid plan. The free plan doesn't allow it.
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    Youtube Monetisation (need to wait 1 year?)

    I am saying that I would be extremely surprised if you're approved because you bought the views and subscribers. YouTube know that there is a huge problem with people buying views and have been improving their algorithm for years so that they can fight against those who try to game the system...
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    Youtube Monetisation (need to wait 1 year?)

    I wouldn't hold your breath.
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    Youtube will accept that

    They shut down a channel that I had because I bought a few thousand views. It was a channel that I was experimenting with and after forgetting about it for a while, I decided to build it into a legitimate channel. After applying for monetization it was shut down. The only shady thing that I did...
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    Youtube will accept that

    YouTube aren't stupid. It will be easy to tell that everything was bought and then they'll suspend the channel.
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    Making money with youtube?

    Applying for AdSense will be risky because nowadays they inspect your channel. I had a channel suspended in December immediately after applying to AdSense. I had bought a few thousand views to give the channel some traction a few months before applying and they obviously noticed it.
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    VidIQ extension?

    It's the same as when you search for your keyword when you're logged in. It gives your personal results.
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    Youtube video not showing up in search results

    This happens sometimes. I've had instances where a video will show up three days later.
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    Search Views & Suggested Views

    I don't understand what you're asking. Are you wondering why you aren't getting traffic from suggested videos?
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    Creating videos without talking or filming yourself

    It would be incredibly hard to keep the viewer's attention without a voice-over, so I'd advise against that. You can try a text-to speech program or hire someone on Fiverr, etc, to do a voiceover, but all text-to-speech programs sound like a robot, and hiring someone on FIverr can become...
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    Related/Suggested Views on YT - How do these guys do it?

    YouTube stopped the 301 verification a long time ago.
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    question about youtube views on a unlisted video?

    Have you checked your analytics to see how many views came in? It will be difficult getting a large number of views from YTMonster. I tried to get some views last week and it took 6 days just to get 100.