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    Fast Blog Hosting *Memcached * eAccelerator * from $4.95

    Second Home Hosting Our Memcached and eAccelerater installations, combined with W3 total cache will blow you away! As well, our 128M php memory limit is higher than most shared hosts, which are typically set to 32M or 64M, giving you more wiggle room with your blogs available resources. At...
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    Why is this site ranking #1

    pretty much hit the nail on the head with that. What would one even think about marketing in that niche? I can't think of a single thing aside from maybe briefcases for bribe money.
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    Website has malware.

    Contact your hosting provider. They should be able to do that.
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    Hacker (Mitchell Frost) Gets 3 Years For Defacing Web Sites

    Cheaper than a lot of colleges these days ;)
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    Need a hosting solution for my clients.

    Sounds like reseller hosting is what you need.
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    Best hosting for autobloggs?

    HGs shared servers don't take advantage of memcached or eaccelerator with their shared hosting plans. W3 flies with those. You may talk to them about that new cloud flare thing they're doing. Seems pretty legit.
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    Is this normal performance from a vps?

    Who are you hosting with?
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    WPMU Thumbnails problem

    I am assuming you have already setup the custom field for thumbs within wp-robot? Also, if you are hosted with hostgator, you may have to ask their support staff to white list your domain for mod_security rules for timthumb (assuming your theme uses timthumb to generate thumbnails)
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    My first Sale!!!!!!!!!! Advice on automation software

    Congrats on your first sale! I am still working to get to that lol.
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    Best hosting for autobloggs?

    We have several sites using wp zon buider and wp-robot with no issues at
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    Best hosting for 5$

    I offer hosting starting at $4.95 per month - month to month, no yearly stuff -
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    I just took the links generated by WHMCS for each package and linked to those from my main site. I also added links to the client side and edited the template for WHMCS to have some continuity. You can see it at (not resold)
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    Best hosting for autobloggs?

    Hostgator is real nice. I have several autoblogs on my hosting site.
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    HELP!! SH*T!!! My HOST deleted ALL my sites!

    not true. Several of the larger ones do backups, yes. But not every host. IMO - if your sites are important enough, you should never rely on a host to back them up. Make your own backups.