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    Starting an instagram

    Use repost app for reposting. Also, make sure you are producing your content by yourself. Also, invest in Instagram ads for the account. I have lately seen many bloggers doing that, who were buying likes until last year. In a way, keeps your account secured and away from troubles.
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    What type of leads can we get from Linkedin?

    Business Leads and B2C Leads as well. Totally depends upon the niche and its market.
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    Where can i find nice templates for instagram-story ?

    Try Canva I think you can get some really good templates there.
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    How to share 1 FB account with multiple users?

    umm..your friends need to login from your fb account in their browser, and get cookie dropped so that Fb recognizes your account from the IP and you can do this by keeping a separate browser for this. Make sure you dont login another ID on the same browser. That should work I guess.
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    How can i enable disabled facebook acount in 2020?

    WOW. Tell your friend I said "Teach me, Senpai!" :D
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    How can i enable disabled facebook acount in 2020?

    I dont think, I have ever heard anyone getting their disabled account back. Also, it is the FB policy one account per user i.e. you cannot have two profiles for one person.
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    How to discover Trending Topics?

    You can setup Google Alerts on keywords. Also, you can use tools like Buzzsumo, awario, and mention. Those produce some good results which are really fruitful.
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    How do you close deals for Instagram?

    I heard many accounts faced problems due to massfollowing. Even, I got disabled on my personal account that I dont use for any other thing that personal posting and personal use. Instagram's clamp down has been really bad. I have had reports on multiple accounts because of mass following...
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    Ranking Experiment With Blog Comments [Regular Update]

    My only question is how are you finding the links to good domains? Also, if there is a list then it is possible that most of the domains can have same IPs, no?
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    Offline bussines idea, need help?

    I think you need to scout the area first, what kind of businesses are doing good in the area and what kind of businesses should be there but arent there. I think that can help you understand a bit about it.
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    How do you close deals for Instagram?

    That is a good way to go about it but then people who are rather irritated with the much needed questions. What to do with them? I mean I have recently lost 3-4 potential clients due to this. I asked them 4-5 questions which I needed to know so that there goals are met but then who can tell them...
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    Tutorial: How to make $1000 a day during COVID-19 [EASY]

    I think that is called seizing the opportunity and making best out of adversary. People just need to find the right product/idea for the right time in the market.
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    How do you close deals for Instagram?

    I want to know what are you guys charging for your services? Let's say if I have a client that wants me to do posting and bring engagement what do I charge them?
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    Need your insight

    You have written a blog post that has 12K words? I think that easily becomes an hour or something of reading? Who is going to stay that long on the blog post?
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    is this link exchange worth it ?

    Google is watching you *.*