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    Free Giveaway 2 Unique Expired Articles About Trading Learn For 10 Members

    I will send 2 unique articles about trading learn freshly scraped from the way back machine for the first 10 members
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    [BHW Official] BLACK FRIDAY 2020 - The best deals around!! - CYBER MONDAY 2020

    Did I miss it? Edit : Yup looks like they stopped the offer even before BF started!
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    Accounts whatever you want. Take a look limited ;)

    FreePik if possible or any stock image site for that matter?
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    at here have anyone earning money with ad break facebook?

    OMG that's huge also you have a pretty good CPM and everything overall. Do you post your own content or just re-hash it from somewhere? You have hit a gold-mine!
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    [Giveaway] Free One Gmail account to every blackhatworld member

    I WANT A FREE GMAIL - thanks as well
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    Should I Buy Jr VIP?

    Woah. Did he get banned? :eek: I saw him on many posts.
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    Another logo Giveaway (August Month)

    still available?
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    New here and just want to earn some pocket money

    Hey man, welcome. I'm pretty sure you'll learn a lot here like I did and more.
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    [ FREE GIVEAWAY ] Offering again10 free Logo Design !!!

    still there? I'm interested!
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    Low video earnings. Need an expert to tell if something's wrong..

    Yes, if you're targeting the US and anywhere from outside the Indian continent your views should be good. The monetization amount fell during the pandemic, looks like now it's coming back to normal. Yes as CPM and RPM are directly linked to each other so it's very much depends on the total...