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    Same profile picture on multiple accounts - thoughts?

    +1 I'm using this for facebook accounts for a while, working great!
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    ~~~GSA High rated backlinks get 20k verified backlinks for 5$~~~

    I can't purchase, sadly.. Tried to pay with card on your website but the payment failed, twice!
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    Best way to learn python

    As mentioned python for everybody by Charles severance is good to start your journey. Since you're into botting and scraping I suggest next steps: - flask which is a web framework. Alongside you'll learn basic html/can/js, html requests and related topics. To be able to bot or scrap websites...
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    Classified Ad Posting Services-Advertise your business in targeted market

    Wanna see sample report for your highest package. Also, a couple questions; - how long will the ads stay live? Any guarantee regarding that? - do you offer listings for German, French, eu, russian?
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    Guys, need native english speaker with any phobia or fear

    Does this work for my fear of Russians? I panic whenever I hear someone saying ' da da da' :eek:
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    Creating a music event

    I never did marketing for a music event myself, but if I'm to I'll go with a simple approach. Let's sort things out.. Niche : music / entertainment / public events Sub niche : X artist / X music genre / events or concerts in X city Who're the target audience? People on your city who are...
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    How to Create Free Backlinks?

    No, don't reuse your articles, period. The easiest way if quality doesn't matter alot is to take a little excerpt from your main article, rewrite that, add some more little text (generic intro, cta) and that's it, won't take you few minutes. If you want a bit longer article and acceptable...
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    Lounge Game: Type I’m cool because…

    I'm cool because I have a great day and night with you have fun at work now if I don't know how much you want me for your birthday and I don't want to go to sleep in my life and your mom is going to do it again and I have to go to the gym and I have a great day. Nope, that was the autocomplete...
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    Mass dm's Feedback

    From your own experience, what's the expected return of a campaign in said niches with something completely legit and non sketchy? Say I'll give you my target criteria, travel or sports niche, start a 100K mass dm campaign, looking for leads mainly .. Assuming that I'm providing decent quality...
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    Bes trading bot/website that trades for you?

    Can I ask you something? After excluding all the fees and expenses including your invested time to make it work*decent hourly rate; what's your % net profit for the last year or 10 months? This is the most realistic thing to say here. It's nothing new that over half of the total world trading...
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    Best way to structure a review site

    There's no ultimate best way to structure your site but your best bet is to learn from your competitors and do it better. You can't go with only review and product pages, you should have other types of informational and related/filler content with good quality to help you really stand out...
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    Where Do You Store Your Private key

    Something that's too critical shouldn't be written down on paper. If it's a key to all my money, I'll memorize it no matter how complicated it's. If I'm trying to hide anything digitally whatever it's and be sure that no one but me could get to it, I'll encrypt it with nonsense key that I'm...
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    How to grow after a certain point in your IM career?

    So if you're thinking of growing more sites, have the budget but don't have time for that; outsource everything. Do the planning and the initial research needed then hire people/freelancers to do things for you. The hardest task here is picking the people who will do the things for you, and...
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    Bes trading bot/website that trades for you?

    There's no single public bot or signals service that's really profitable. If it's not a scam, it's just no more than the average trader who wins once, loses the next and ends up broke af! Yes, you could make 30% a month or even in few hours if things go your way, but that's just for this month...
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    Minimum Requirements on Review Copies for both sides.

    Already stated that it's a big load and I understand it would be hard to implement but it's the only reasonable way I can think of. Narrowing the suspicion to 50 percent would be a great advance. And with it being always active and completely random, most ppl would be afraid to do such things.