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    How to download video ads from Youtube?

    Yes, recording screen with OBS works
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    [White Hat Journey] $0 to $5,000 per month selling books?

    It is always good to focus on whitehat for long term business. It is good to see you doing that.
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    [Journey] Email marketing from $0 to $5,000 per month

    Clean your list properly so that you don't get banned. Great progress!
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    Journey to $200 Per Day from Adsense on blog.

    Please, update the journey thread and beat of luck!
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    [Journey] Blogging based on Income School (Project 24) Philosophy

    An interesting Journey thread. I have bookmarked it.
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    What road should I pick?

    If you start a verification service, it will be profitable
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    Monetizing 2.3 Million Tiktok Account

    Product affiliate products. Use Clickbank. Be creative in your CTA
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    The main thing is to hit the inbox. Best of luck on your Journey
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    How to download video ads from Youtube?

    The option to download the ads video comes before the option to download the main video. Reload the video and check again.
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    [JV] Your Google Ads Accounts + My BH Campaigns

    I'm interested. Please, PM me with details