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    Any Twitter employee working on Twitter alternative?

    Is this a masterpiece or some exploitation ?
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    Musk admits that the advertisers will kill Twitter

    I am with companies leaving Twitter, there is more harm than benefit in being associated with a joking platform. It has become like this because of new owner only.
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    Do you think Twitter will go down or will Elon keep it alive and maybe even grow it?

    He is trying to make lot of changes. The users are getting affected a lot by this and this is not good for the long term use of Twitter. Many will leave it because of this.
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    What is Reply Boost in Premium X?

    How do you see the feature before upgrading ?
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    is crypto mining completely dead?

    In some countries , it is even free. But when you consume a lot, even government will notice it.
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    hot "make money online" offers in the crypto market?

    It will be hard to convert. You can see such ads on Twitter but I suggest you not to try anything similar. There are already genuine ways to make money online.
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    $100,000 ready to invest in building a crypto mining farm! do you think its worth to take action?

    You are late to this work. But if you can wait 10-20 years , then it might turn profitable.
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    Which coin to mine on old laptop ?

    I3 laptop is not enough for this. If there is some option to combine them, then you might mine some altcoins.
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    What is the future of Crypto? Do you think 2024 will be the year of BTC?

    2024 will be an exciting year for sure for crypto because we have halving coming this year. Whenever this happened in past, prices skyrocketed.
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    is crypto mining completely dead?

    It is not dead .If all people stop mining, how will transactions happen. But if the intention of you asking this question is that whether you should start it or not, then I will say no.
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    Telegram Pump & Dump Groups - Worth it?

    These are all scams and they are not even close enough to make an impact on prices.
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    Why Bitcoin Stability Is Important

    And the value also remains same. That make bank fds the need of time. lol
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    Google stop crawling my site

    Why will changing hosting solve this issue ?
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    Everywhere I read, it says I can follow up to 1000 accounts in a day.

    You cannot follow that many accounts. Now Elon has made the rules strict for everyone.
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    How to create Email without a phone number?

    Most of the mails require to have a phone number if you create multiple . You can use online numbers if you do not want own.
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