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    Ethereum Going Up

    Answers to your question can be found here:
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    Ethereum Going Up

    ETH is still profitable, but less than XMR:
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    Ethereum Going Up Seems like he wants a hard cap, regardless of current or future price.
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    Ethereum Going Up

    Since Vitalik has already stated that he would like to cap supply at 120M coins, it would make sense for ETH to reach ~0.175 BTC.
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    Weiss Rating - April 19, 2018

    Virustotal scan report:
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    Big News: RBI bans Bitcoin in India

    Nah. $100K by 2020.
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    Intensecoin-privacy coin

    Every Cryptonight based coin is a privacy coin... And for mining profitability of these, you can check here:
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    Easiest way to make money(or I will eat my private parts)

    Which wine would go best with that?
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    So many coins & ICO, I'm confused! I wanna buy them all!

    Lately it's been more like: BTC up > Alt down BTC down > Alt down When flippening?
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    AltCoin Mining 2017?

    Which coins for instance?
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    AltCoin Mining 2017?

    Do you think he's still "deeply aroused"?
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    Interesting list of dead coins

    When Lambo, Sir???
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    Weiss Rating - March 29, 2018

    VirusTotal Scan Results:
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    Electroneum mobile mining

    I don't think that its a pump and dump. I think the creator has good intentions, but its not completely decentralized, which is a problem.
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    Weiss Rating - March 22, 2018

    Virustotal scan report: Enjoy!