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    Google Adwords Threshold accounts - why these threads are allowed?

    This is a blackhat forum... on the other hand, Google knows that this practice is used a lot and every time it makes it more difficult ... however, it still consents :rolleyes: I think it's a tedious but useful practice for those who are testing until they find a profitable configuration for...
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    [Giveaway] $199 Google-Ads-Bootcamp for FREE

    Thanks for sharing!
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    How to create Gmail accounts without Phone number?.

    I totally agree! If we use a fresh IP, we can made it without a phone verification ;)
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    Yandex VCC on Google ads

    You could pay with Yandex money in russian acounts ;)
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    ⭐️20000 IPs for $10 a month! High quality proxies by - 24/7 Support ⭐️ -30% for BHW⭐️

    Hi! I would like a 30% off code, please. :rolleyes:
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    Revolut Physical Cards

    I tested a lot of card types on G Ads, and Revolut worked for me in one account recently... as other similar cards ;) I also can confirm that G sometimes bypass prepaid cards :anyway:
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    manuel review

    I totally agree! :D
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    Do we need old google account for threshold or the age of adwords matter too?

    Not only age matters, but also total spending... A word is enough to the wise :D
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    Paying For Google Ads Runner

    Added to you on Telegram ;)
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    Hey! glad to join

    Wellcome on board buddy!
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    Can you use Google voice phone number to register Facebook account?

    Sometimes it worked for me and sometimes it didn't... so I recommend you to use real numbers.
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    From where you buy your articles

    I usually buy good articles in spanish, english, italian, french & others in Hope this can help you ;)