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    OGAds question?

    1. Yes. 2. Earnings per click 3. CAP means that the offer is limited to a number of installs. If it says uncapped it means that advertisers has unlimited budget set for the app and wants to promote it as much as he can. When offer is capped it is usually a good offer that convers well and has...
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    Keysearch vs Ahrefs

    I am using both actually. Sometimes I think that Keysearch is getting more accurate results when it comes to monthly searches. I think ahrefs is just generating approximately where keysearch is pulling from google directly. Obviously, not sure. I like a general overview of keysearch, but any...
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    [Journey] Work harder, to work less.

    Great journey, wising you luck.
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    Why Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Stores

    There is one major reason for buying online for me - I am allowed to return the goods within 14 days with no questions asked. As if I was to buy something in the store, the same policy does not apply.
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    Help me find some good app-tweaks store CPA landing page
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    [Journey] Youtube Shorts + CPA

    I wish you luck. Let us know if you make some money.
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    My First Earning on CPAbuild

    Great stuff, keep it up.
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    Should I try an illegal niche?

    Use the search button to find a guide here. And a question - why are those illegal? What's illegal with gambling, porn sites?
  9. Aatrox |Instagram-YouTube And Many Others Services

    Registered. Can you please add the test funds to me as well: aatrox Thanks
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    Promote & Boost Your Social Media | 24/7 Support + LIVE Chat | Fast & Easy To Use |

    Hey. Looks good, just registered. My username is: aatrox Thanks
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    Review: I got my review copy from Leith. They are good social signals. All of them checks out just as he promised. Few accounts got over 55 PA which is really nice. Backlinks check out too. They are good accounts, they look good as well in terms of profiles. This is definitely a service that...
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    Just curious, who is Dutch :)

    I'm not.
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    How much time do you take off for Christmas?

    I'm gonna take a week. Chill out, take a quick look here and there on my sites and don't worry too much.
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    Fucking Amazon

    Agreed. I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with other stores. I probably find info if I search on the forum. Yeah and I did that and it's still not good enough. I might try it one more time. I'll order 5 more articles for each website and if that doesn't please them, I will say...
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    Fucking Amazon

    They closed my account for the 5th time. First two times they had a valid reason. The other 3 are not that good. I got an email again and these are the reasons: - Lack of content which is original to your site and beneficial to your visitors - Pages that are mainly empty when advertisement...