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    Blog comment for building backlinks?

    Yes it still works! You can see there are still number of providers running blog comment services successfully in bhw
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    [The Beast Gets Wilder] The Mighty PBN Everyone's Dreaming Of | Posts That Force KWs in SERP at Just $2

    All reports done and sent! Providing 30% offer for new orders! Interested persons post below or PM to get the Coupon!
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    Looking To Buy Adult/NSFW Traffic

    PM me if you still need it!
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    Looking for Great Britian, USA Backlinks

    I can provide HQ backlinks for you with good price. PM me if you still need it!!
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    need traffic my porduct

    Please PM me if you still need it! I can help you with that!
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    Hi, everyone !

    Hi there! Welcome to bhw mate
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    Hello BHW

    Welcome to BHW. Enjoy your stay here!
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    Hi bhw

    Welcome to BHW mate
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    New beggining in the industry

    Welcome to BHW mate. Enjoy your stay here!
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    Hello there!

    Welcome to bhw mate!
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    Satanic Frozen is here, say me hello

    Welcome to the BHW community man!
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    Website not getting indexed

    Please be patient and build more content for your site. Don't get links for your site since your site is new. Wait for one or two months before you get more backlinks. Wait for another week or 10 days. It will get indexed soon!
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    How long have you done SEO?

    Doing it from 2014 before 2014 I just studied about SEO from various sources for an year.
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    What are the best SEO blogs to follow?

    Searchengineland is my favorite one
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    Best Tool to Check Keyword Rank?

    Semrush is best for keyword rank