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    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    Not so exiting. But thanks for the heads up! I'm sure i'll miss gains but its a no for me.
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    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    If this Is not the start of the next crypto Winter, any decent gaming-crypto will Moon HARD.
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    ✅ Dropshipping with Instagram Shoutouts: A-Z GUIDE on How I Made $51,004.83 in 8 Months!

    Wanted to leave a review as i bought this ebook with the discount. I never expect to find a lot of value in this types of content, but i just don't want to waste time researching when there's everything in one place for less than 20$. Time is more valuable. The ebook itself is great, it...
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    SERVIKUS Pure SSD Hosting Unlimited domains and bandwidth Only $0.8

    Hey i have tried to use the new year discount on a monthly ultimate package but it didn't work :(
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    what the hell is 7878-method?

    Lol i understand. But someday in the future nfts are going to be everything. Just wait.
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    [Help] Might be Homeless

    This Is how you did It?
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    Does Fiverr take 20% from the seller?

    I started to do It with a new email and i Always Receive "exclusive" discounts. Especially for free or paid trials, if you know how to talk with a sale rep they Will Just Give you a hefty discount or extend the trial. Social engineering and self awareness are useful. Always.
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    what the hell is 7878-method?

    Fucking Epic, someone should turn that whole thread in an NFT.
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    CHALLENGE - Stop Smoking and GET BACK IN SHAPE

    This thread aged baaaad. Lol i read the Power of habit this year. I managed to slim down like 10kgs in 6 months thanks to 2 tooth problems. During the last 2 months i didn't smoke much tobacco, but i replaced It with weed so i don't know if It's good or not lol
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    I'm home alone this New Year!

    Bro i'm alone and grinding! It's the best thing ever! Especially when 90% of everyone else Is partying and getting covid lol. Anyway, it's Better to be alone than to waste time if u know what i mean. But if u are yourself and be proactive about It, you'll make the right Friends in no time!
  11. 1 - DMCA Free Hosting - VPS - RDP - Dedicated Servers

    Hi, i'm interested in your servers but i don't know which One to choose. Is It possibile to open a ticket and get help on what Is the best option based on my needs?
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    How to promote a new token?

    Damn Is that so Easy to make Money????
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    When you think things in crypto can't get any more degen ...

    You don't clearly understand Who Is Obama and what he did and still represent.
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    When you think things in crypto can't get any more degen ...

    Might Just put 10€ for the copywriting skills. I might become a millionaire if It reaches 50m market cap.