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    How can i take photos like this?

    Lighting and angle. It's very important in photography. You can go learn on youtube more about it.
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    I need anyone pro on ffmpeg

    I haven't played with these codes. Is your fps 29.97 same as your input video fps? Your code should come from here, may be try asking there? You can just search ffmpeg zoom in zoom out on google and play with codes you find.
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    I need anyone pro on ffmpeg

    Haven't used the code for it. You might want to try this: It has some explanations. Try changing some values until it works for you.
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    I need anyone pro on ffmpeg

    Ask what specific help you need.
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    There is no such thing as passive income

    Depends on your definition of passive income. There are youtubers who makes passive income just making videos once in a while. Their initial videos brings them enough traffic to create passive income. There are other affiliate website and stuffs and shit which provide recurring monthly income.
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    I'll give a free account Facebook

    I am in. Nice giveaway.
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    Brave BAT rewards

    Yeah, browser is fast and responsive unlike google chrome which keep getting laggier for me. From setting, burger icon, go to brave rewards and turn on ads. Click the setting icon on that same option and set to 5 ads per hour. Use your browser as usual.
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    [METHOD] How to make millions selling nothing - copy paste profits

    Which spirituality channels has 4m+ followers from image text videos? Can you post channel links?
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    Ethereum under $2k is a gift from god

    Gift some of those god's gift with me too! :)
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    Crypto Noob Question - In a Nutshell, WTH is going on?

    If you are in US seems to be lot of pain in the ass for people. Go, for kucoin. For rest of the world binance regular is very good exchange. Binance has lots of options, low fees, p2p trading and so on.
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    My First $100 in Crypto

    100$. should've spend on good top 10 projects. ADA is still good. Vechain, btt.
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    What alt coins are best to buy now ?

    Ada, theta, chainlink, zilliqa, dot, vechain, btt. Search about them.
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    Will i loose my money if crypto currency goes down further?

    Lets say your $1000 gets you 0.2 eth. Let's say its go 30% down. Now, you still have 0.2 eth but it's value will like $350. As long as you don't sell it, you'll have that 0.2 eth. BTC ETH is not going away, unless all world govt and big investors give up on their investment on these and all...
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    I'm investing money in shitcoins using this method

    There's elon's snl something on 8 may, so it indeed may keep rising until then. It has to crash at some point. Hope you can take the profit at good point.
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    I'm investing money in shitcoins using this method

    Yup! Those who FOMO n buy during this rise gonna be left in the dust, losing their shit. Those who dump early will make money n those who bought late will hold hoping for higher high n will be left with nothing. If you are FOMOing might be a time to meditate and calm to think clearly. Might as...