xxxx a month

  1. Kidmars19

    Journey to $XX,XXX/month: Long Term Brand Building With Instagram

    After conversing with fullwall3t in his journey thread, IG Fake It Till You Make It, I decided to start my long term journey towards building a few successful top-tier brands in niche's I'm well versed in. This journey, long and arduous as it may be will offer me a variety of different ways to...
  2. shaheerkhan

    Shopify Journey To XXXX A Month -Khan is Back

    About me Maybe you already know something about me from my previous amazon journey thread. I turned 18 in March 2018 though I still can't believe that.:eek: I am from Jhang, Pakistan a smaller city as compared to our metropolitan cities. I am currently studying in the 11th standard. My dream is...