1. DJ.Bud

    [Journey] FUCK!! Youtube Seo: 0 to 100k views till Jan'2019

    AIM: To get my channel to 100k views in the niche I have selected. I am not exactly doing this for money right now. I might not even sell anything for 6 months. Just want to grow the channel. I have been testing YouTube SEO for last 6 months and let me tell you... ...YouTube is fucking great...
  2. DJ.Bud

    So I was testing something!! Here is the result.

    You might have read my AMA POST! 1000 dollar one? So here's a thing: I added a link to the sidebar of my bhw profile; webminati one :) I got a lot of clicks(1000s) from bhw only. I am not selling anything on that page i was testing if a backlink and a huge traffic through it will change...
  3. DJ.Bud

    Method: How I added $200/m to my total income (going for 3000/m soon)

    Prescript(if that's a thing) : I have written this method on my mobile and on black background. Looks good to me. Please use the black one for reading this if you're a white user :) Start: This is a method I was testing since Jan2018. And, I have finally started earning through this method...