type beats

  1. S

    New Here.. Focused on YouTube Type Beats

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and decided to make a post as suggested. I am a beatmaker, I have been uploading my beats to YouTube for around 5 years now. 5k subscribers and 1.7m views later my channel isn't doing as well as it once used to, so I'm looking for strategies to get back to where I once...
  2. swaglikejesus

    HR Views or Discovery Ads

    Im in the type beat niche.. Wondering which service is better: discovery ads or hr views? I planned at first to buy something like 10k views, 500 likes per video. Then i saw some people saying that discovery ads are better at the moment. So which one should i use? Is it a good idea to use both...
  3. Wholelottared

    Newbie in the mix

    Hey BWH community.I am a music producer that uploads "type beats" instrumentals on youtube. Obviously, I want my videos to rank as one of the highest so people will notice the video and then click on the beatsstar link in the bio to make a purchase, so now I am checking out all the freelancers...
  4. X

    YouTube videos not showing up

    I just posted my first video on my new channel, bought some views and likes, but the video isn't showing up in search results even when i search the exact title or sort by upload date. Any suggestions?
  5. L

    Any ideas on how I could dominate this niche?

    So my niche is the “type beat” niche. Now it’s definitely a competitive market but I feel like there’s still a lot of room to succeed in it. Now my question to all you seo and internet marketing masters out there is how could I possibly get my foot in to be successful? I have a beat website...
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