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    The risk of serp domination using 10 domains in the same Host, It's true?

    Hello, I have 10 domains to make a serp domination, all the domains\sites is in the same Host, each one of them is using cloudflare. I don't pretend to pass link juice with this domains, it's just to dominate the serp for a specific keyword, it's risky to have them all in the same Host?
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    Seo Challenge: Serp Domination in 1 month or YOU'RE FIRED!

    Hi guys, I am in a complicated situation at my workplace, I have to dominate a serp in 1 month.... The good news is the keyword it's not so disputed, is the keyword of the product that the startup company own. The bad news is, all the affiliates uses blackhat. The top serp is filled with blogs...