restore blog

  1. therp

    Got Issue in Restoring Content Of Expired Domain, Please Help.

    Hello, Good Day Everyone. I recently purchased a domain and was trying to restore it's content via Wayback Machine, but the pages that are indexed in google has not been captured by WM, i tried to get cached version of those pages as well but google gives 404 error. Is there any other way to...
  2. I

    Is there any solution to restore an entire website of an expired domain for free ?

    Hi. I just bought an expired domain and want to restore the website to its original structure. I want to retain the URL structure of the website so that all its backlinks remains relevant. I saw an option to download the whole website in "waybackmachinedownloader" but it takes around 15 bucks...
  3. pulkitseo

    Need someone who can restore my 30-40 page blog from archive

    I needsomeone who can restore my 30-40 page blog posts along with comments from wayback archive to worpress website. Offer Price would be 5$ Thanks
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