1. andversta

    How do they Boost DR like this?

    Hello guys! Im trying to figure out what kind of sorcery is this. Look at this regular dummy blog: http :// miwulazi dot eklablog dot com The ahrefs shows DR is 82 and it have 15K ref domains. The most of them are redirects I asume. Miwulazi blog has up to 60k hidden link redirects on its html...
  2. O

    Redirecting expired domains issue

    I've been scouring expired domains in my niche, buying them, and redirecting to a specific page on my site. Never tried this strategy, but i'm running into trouble. Ahrefs is picking up the backlinks being redirected to my site, but they are pointing to pages that don't exist. For example...
  3. stephen021

    The WireCutter Redirects to NYTimes

    Have anyone noticed that TheWireCutter redirects to NYTimes?? This may be one of the the biggest redirects in the history of affiliate.
  4. graySEO

    301 redirect

    Hi guys, i need information on how to redirect my old site to my new domain without losing all the page rankings and visitors. i do really need a guide on this guys. i appreciate
  5. D

    Anonymous Redirect | Email Click Bait | Protect Domain

    Hi, I'd like to market to a vast email list harvested for certain keywords. Understandably, I don't want to hurt the target domains rankings or it being indexed for organic SERP results. I'm considering registering a marketing domain, and then redirecting to the target site; and I'd like the...
  6. judaculla

    Having Affiliate Links Indexed by Google

    So I've affiliate offer which I promote through content sites, which I keep track of conversions by using redirects. For any given affiliate link in my content, the link would look like this: where any time someone requests a url with /offers/ in it, I know...
  7. TrafficQueen

    How can I verify backlinks mixed with redirect pages

    How can I verify backlinks mixed with redirect pages? Regular backlink verifiers dont seem to work because in my backlink list has 2 kinds of backlinks. Some have my link in them and others are just 303 redirects. So, when I search my list for my link, guess what, 90% have it of course. How...
  8. prophecyprojekt

    Redi or Content on Expired

    I found a nice expired domain with a decent TF and CF in my exact niche. What does everyone recommend? Should I just do a permanent 301 redi to my money site or should I put content at this new domain with backlinks? Thanks! :D
  9. M

    looking for free hosting that allows javascript redirects.

    i have no money till next month but i am currently running a mobile and desktop campaign i was using freehosting to redirect the mobile traffic and desktop to different offers but they shut me down . Is there any free hosting that allow redirects.
  10. kickthat

    Getting/Keeping a redirected site indexed?

    I've been doing SEO for a number of years but am quite new to more black hat based tactics. I have come across a competitor who have a domain performing well for a lot of searches and I can't suss out how they originally got it indexed and how they are keeping it indexed. The domain redirects...
  11. V

    Which produces more income? One page ads for redirects?

    I have a number of domains that have same keywords (niche) in them. I was wondering if I would be better off making separate one page advertisement landing pages with Google ads, or redirecting them all to one directory site (local business, have the right key words in domains) with google ads...
  12. cornerstoned

    Are 301's Still Working? What About Link Shortener's Passing Juice?

    Hi guys, Are 301's passing juice still? If so, any tips to get them to pass a lot of juice? If not, why aren't they? Also, are link shortener's still passing some decent link juice through them?
  13. Techxan

    Seeking clarity on redirects

    I found a REALLY good expiring domain last night that was not in my niches. It was in its previous life a business related technical research blog with a ton of incredible backlinks. This site is not related to anything I own, but has about 60 DA. My question is this, if I redirect it, does...
  14. O

    Domain name change! Need Help Big time!

    Hello guys, I've been working hard and spent a lot of money on posts and advertising for my site. Recently got an email saying I need to change the name as it's similar to a trademarked domain. example trademark "apple" my name "theapple" or "mrapple" My own fault but very sad...
  15. ollie9009

    Redirect Loading Page? [Affiliate Question]

    I've come across a lot of affiliate sites that open outbound affiliate links in new tabs and they have a loading page while the redirect loads (screenshot example below). Can someone please tell me what this is/ how people do it? Also, do you know if there is a WordPress plugin that does this...
  16. B

    BossTDS - Traffic Distribution System script. Fast and furious.

    BossTDS - Traffic Distribution System script. Fast and furious. What is 'TDS'? TDS allows you to manage your web traffic efficiently, to achieve higher revenue for the same traffic. TDS is your traffic hub. You send your traffic to your TDS and TDS makes a decision - how and where to redirect...
  17. Frogserv

    Need help with Magento store

    Hi, I have a website with stores in english and italian. When we change the store, the product URL changes - 1 URL for english product page and 1 URL for italian product page. English store is the default store. The switch works but when I go directly to the italian product URL I'm redirected...
  18. W

    Using Redirects for CPA Offers

    Hi, I am thinking about using a redirect from a specially made landing page to a CPA offer. I need to do this because I am not allowed to promote this cpa offer by youtube even though I know it will convert. Therefore, if use redirect links on the video which link to a specially made landing...
  19. Endire

    Website Redirect Tips

    I see a lot of questions from those new to SEO and IM about redirecting URLs so I thought I would share some common tips. Enjoy! Redirecting URL?s What are the basic kinds of redirects? Just in case you your knowledge is lacking on redirects, I thought I would mention all the different...
  20. N

    Need to know about url redirection and google index process

    Hi all. I like to buy one new domain name and after that if I redirect that new domain url to my affiliate link and if I pink means will that new domain get index on google or not. Kindly share your answers. Thanks in advance.
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