1. P

    URL redirector for social media.

    We need to re-director which can redirect another domain to our website's content, for example: If our post url is: so redirect url will be: Main thing is if we scrap redirecting url on facebook so it shouldn't...
  2. X

    How do sites like kissanime host their videos?

    I know they host the actual files on google drive, but how do they transform the links into links (which are links that are cloaked, are bound to your IP, and expire) that include the "&ip=x.x.x.x" parameter that is different from your IP, without getting a 403? There are...
  3. D

    cloaker for adwords

    Hello friends can any one provide me Cloaker-Redirector Script if anyone expert please do message me :)
  4. vahnz13

    [HELP] can I do this with VB?

    Hi guys, wanna ask something. I'm suck (really suck) with programming and its language. But I got something in my mind. Can I make some simple program with vb to redirect my visitor when they click the button? Example: say, you've found my program from somewhere on the internet. When you want...
  5. Madruga

    Geo redirector for cpa offers?

    So basically I have a domain name for which I want to get redirected to several cpa offers based on the visitor's geo location. How do I do that? I did a bit of research, yet I haven't established some clear in my head. I have like 16 offers I need to enter don't know where :/ Will appreciate...
  6. Y

    Brad's Redirect Script

    Regarding this popular script. I really need this to work tonight, folks. Please don't shout at me for making a thread about it :( WordPress 3.0.2, Hostable shared hosting. Installed the plugin, added the code in...
  7. B

    Let's talk business

    Guys, i'd like you to recommend me a proper redirector. I don't want to pay a monthly fee or percentage after my hard earned money! I just want to pay one off! I need a software or a web service that can hide my br@nd bidding activities, so my lovely affiliate manager will think that i'm a nice...
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