1. tazarbm

    How do I fix the broken links?

    Hi, everyone! First of all, mods please move this thread where appropriate cause I can't figure out for the life of me where to put it. Thanks :) Now, on topic... I did create a similar thread yesterday asking about where to 301-redirect some broken URLs and I solved that issue. But now, as I...
  2. zainh332

    Does expired domain redirection helps in seo ?

    Hey, I want to asked if i purchase old and good expired domains and redirect them to my own website. Will it help to increase da and ranking of my website ?
  3. O

    Redirecting a new domain to an expired hosted domain

    I have an site hosted with a domain name that is expired, though the hosting is running. I bought a new name and I want to use this new name instead of the former that is lost.
  4. USA282

    Redirecting .jpg to .html

    Hey Guys, I want to redirect ------>> Here is the Live working example, This is what i exactly want How it redirect to its parent page i.e ( Anyone who...
  5. Moiz Ahmed

    How to Force People to open links externally while clicking from Facebook App?

    Do you guys have any idea? I want people to watch my YouTube videos in YouTube app, not Facebook built-in browser … when I post video link and people click on it, it opens in built-in browser of Facebook and YouTube ads are never shown on that, that means nothing, is there is any method that...
  6. rorchach

    Any Alternatives To This Redirecting Method

    I found a page using this(see attached image) to post links on Facebook, he's redirecting links to his website with it. I used it for a while but then he changed some settings so it only works with his website now. I'd like to know if there's any alternative site likes this, or can I create...
  7. yoyo33

    How to redirect website to its mobile version ?

    I search a way to redirect website to it's mobile version. It's a simple website html / php / no database. I just want to manually create it's mobile version and upload it to something like I want this method to be compatible with the google test (to ensure it's ok for the 21...
  8. D

    Canonical Question

    OK so I have a bit of a problem on one of my sites, to fix it how it should be will take big cash and dev time so I am hoping that a canonical will do it. Just wanted to throw it out here on the off chance one of you guys has experience here. I have a flash game site in 4 languages it is...
  9. W

    How to get a redirected url of a url?

    how get a url which is redirected on an another url, From a main url, How get a secondary url from a main url.
  10. W

    Using Redirects for CPA Offers

    Hi, I am thinking about using a redirect from a specially made landing page to a CPA offer. I need to do this because I am not allowed to promote this cpa offer by youtube even though I know it will convert. Therefore, if use redirect links on the video which link to a specially made landing...
  11. hculiver3rd

    How do you choose a "High Quality" domain?

    What does a High Quality expired domain look like as far as the stats? Which stat is most important? PR - BL - DP - ABY -...
  12. R

    Which redirect is best 301, cloaking or php redirect...?

    I want to redirect my site so please tell me which one is best 301, cloaking or php redirect....? thanks for any help..
  13. ch8878

    Does redirecting email address work with pay pal ?

    I already have the email limit on my pay pal account can I redirect email accounts to my pay pal email accounts ?
  14. I

    What Code Do I need To Do This???

    How can i make my page do this? Check out this site: (no affiliate links, i swear) And close the page. On Close The page appears to redirect or refresh with a different page. I would like to use this in the same way they do but in reverse. (I would like to have my...
  15. coachw1

    Question: 'www' or no 'www' ?

    I'm in the process of a linkbuilding campaign. My site is registered on Godaddy (i use godaddy linux hosting as well) without the WWW. how will this affect my linkbuilding campaigns? i've been telling people i'm hiring to make my link without the www, but I noticed...
  16. J

    Best way to Re-direct Domains

    Good morning; I'm new here, I've taken a look and have not found this discussed, I apologize if it has been and I just didn't find it. I have a number of keyword rich domains that I want to all send traffic back to one main site, here is a fictitious example of what I mean, the main site is...
  17. F

    ??- Auto blogs+single page+ redirects

    moved Please delete
  18. B

    Need help redirecting all posts to home page

    i have a video site with bhcb on it but when i put a new vid/post and google indexes it...a person can get in without hitting the do i get all links to redirect to the home page...or even better...get bhcb to work on all posts...i already tried to put it on every individual posts...i...
  19. D

    Legal Redirect

    Hello respectable members, I have a doubt in redirecting. Is this code below is a legal redirect from the .htm page to .php page for the same page? That is redirect from to If it is not; please explain in brief...:confused...
  20. D

    Legal Redirect

    Hello respectable members, I have a doubt in redirecting. Is this code below is a legal redirect from the .htm page to .php page for the same page? That is redirect from to If it is not; please explain in brief...:confused...
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