redirecting visitors

  1. G

    Mobile redirect traffic question

    For mobile traffic is it better to allow the mobile user to reach your site or better to monetize the traffic by redirecting it to other sites (using plugrush, juicyads etc)? Its an adult TGP site but the bounce rate is high so would it make sense to just monetize by redirecting than actually...
  2. N

    Q: How do you buy a domain and use it to direct to your affiliate link

    Hey I'm completely new to the IM scene, I was just wondering how do I buy a domain, and where are the cheapest places, and use it to redirect to the affiliate site that I've chosen, also do I need to buy hosting or do I just buy the domain name and use some code? Just really confused so I'd love...
  3. R

    Redirection is it good or bad..?

    I have redirected my old site to my new site using 301 redirect is it good for new site or bad..?
  4. B

    Cloaking or Redirecting in Facebook Ads

    Does anyone know here how people are getting away with redirecting or cloaking with Facebook Ads? I see offers that must be working (I keep seeing them) and they definitely don't go to the display URL. I don't know how Facebook is not catching this, but I would like to do it myself. Any ideas...
  5. W

    Micro Niche Domain Name '?' - is taken. MemorablePrefix+Keyword? Redirection?

    Months ago, I created an 8-letter memorable domain name (for the sake of my question, let's call it "BearBread" - I know one letter more) and purchased it. As you can see, I totally forgot about how important it is to include the keyword (again, for the sake of the question, let's say it's...
  6. OgSneakyPimp

    How To Redirect Traffic But Keep The Content Intact..

    Ok sorry for the retard headline..but i have a quick question.. i have a site that gets good traffic, i only use automate content on the site as the content is added to my site my traffic increases.. so what i want to know is it possible for me to continue adding content to my site and get it...
  7. X

    Blogspot Redirect Script For Craigslist(3 Step Tutorial)

    If you have used craigslist enough for advertising,you know they are quick to block your URL to your website.People started using tiny url and other subdomain services to get people to there site.Criagslist does not allow this anymore.So i'll show you how to hide yourself from craigslist.I will...
  8. S

    Affiliate Links

    Hi all, I just have some thoughts about longterm whitehat affiliate links strategy. There seem to be so many ways to cloak, hide and track your affiliatelinks and I don't really understand why. My strategy is that I simply create a subfolder on my website that I exclude in robots.txt...
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