redirect affiliate links

  1. sinner82

    Do cookies can pass CORS (domain change) ?

    Hello BHW! Recently I made small project which went viral, however it uses googe translate to end user and being on google embed till final order. I''m getting visitors and see them on my affiliate dashboard as "clicks", but after like 1000+ targeted visitors I got zero sales, what I think...
  2. 53rHello

    How to Redirect users to offer page?

    Hi there, i need to find a way to redirect users that are coming from payed traffic (pop up) on my own blog to the offer page(affiliate link). Scheme: traffic source -> my blog -> offer page But all the other users that are coming organically shouldn’t be redirected. They should be able to...
  3. ArmineZ

    Redirecta - Redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, IP address, referrer URL and many others!

    Redirecta is software made for internet marketers, web masters, web designers, and anyone else who works with websites. The software allows its users to redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, operating system, browser, referrer URL, time and so much more. It makes...
  4. W

    authorization on

    Can someone please help me to verify my website on webmaster through html file. Please find screenshot showing on to verify my domain. Thanks in advance
  5. spamco

    CPA Smartlink Redirect

    hey guys , i was spying on cpa offers , i found this smartlink like in 60 - 80 % ads , its everywhere here is the smartlink domain name > yealnk '' com / afu.php can anyone please tell me what cpa network this smartlink belongs to thanks,
  6. Sandie2018

    Geo-location problem of a CPA offer

    Hi guys, I have a problem. I chose an offer to promote from Maxbounty and the offer is addressed for the US audience. When I enter the default page of the offer through Maxbounty, it shows properly even in a country different from the US (I am in the UK), but when I use my affiliate link, the...
  7. Amoled

    Ranking Redirecting Site?

    Good Afternoon, I wanted to know if I can rank "Site A", which is redirecting directly to "Site B", without ranking "Site B". The redirect would be a 301 redirect from "" to "". Can I rank "" by buying backlinks to it, or will it pass all it's link juice to...
  8. 7ZEUS7


    So i need a hosting service which accepts debit cards as most of the the hosting providers accept only credit cards , so the hosting do accept debit cards and i am thinking of going with godaddy I need your suggestions the whole purpose is that i need a domain to redirect to a affiliate offer...
  9. KORO22

    Trusted redirects. Let's do it!

    Services were we can do trustful redirect is like rare Pokémon. I gonna catch them all. So what ways to do trustful redirect do you know? I am work with tumbler, blogger redirects.
  10. ettahriomar

    redirect my aff link

    how to redirect an external aff link from my weebly website?
  11. Danny Crypto

    Can I divide the visitors ?

    I want to use two cpa on a single domain. Let me elaborate, If 2 persons are going to my domain so 1 person should be redirected to xyz1 CPA OFFER and another to xyz2 CPA OFFER I want a 50 - 50 percent of visits on both the offers it is possible ?
  12. Bing

    Instagram redirect link

    Hi all, i want ask about redirect from instagram. I want redirect users to amazon. In pinterest is not allowed redirect. And in instagram? Thanks.
  13. C

    How to bypass IG url check?

    Hi people, Name is Mark! I'm total newbie here ..and in general. Trying to build up some income with affiliate marketing - Just started with this. One of my ideas (and since it was easy to begin with, this where I started) was to make an IG account and make a url in my bio linking to the...
  14. A

    Cheap domains and hosting that allows multipal domains?

    They also need to allow redirecting to porn sites. Less then 5$ per month?
  15. judaculla

    Question About Parasite Posts

    I'm new to IM, and still finding out what works. I'm putting together some parasite post type pages and had a quick question. The basic set up is using a high da type site like tumblr,,, etc.. that links out and posting an article targeting my keyword(s) which links to a...
  16. therealgamer420

    Anyone Tried Networksolutions?

    Hi, I got inquiries about networksolutions domain. I've purchased their domain only and I want to use it to redirect to my aff link on CR. The thing is, I don't want to purchase their shitty web url forwarding offer lol. Can I possibly redirect it without using their PAID web forwarding? I...
  17. A

    redirect to offers after exit button

    Hi guys , Can anyone help me to redirect visitors from my landing page to an CB offers when visitors leave my langing page ( click on exit button ) ??
  18. F

    Will redirect like this hurt my SEO?

    So i want to put banner into to my widgets to PPL offer, but if i put link outside my page, it won't be seen by adblock users. Can i put link to my page on my site wtih redirect to the PPL offer, will it hurt my seo? Or how do you solve something like this?
  19. natedogg

    Direct Linking or Presell to Clickbank Products

    Hey Guys, For those of you who are having success with clickbank is it better to redirect link to your affiliate page or redirect link to your website and do a review on the product and sell it from there. I am using YouTube to get the traffic. I have been redirecting to the sales page and...
  20. ollie9009

    Redirect Loading Page? [Affiliate Question]

    I've come across a lot of affiliate sites that open outbound affiliate links in new tabs and they have a loading page while the redirect loads (screenshot example below). Can someone please tell me what this is/ how people do it? Also, do you know if there is a WordPress plugin that does this...
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