redirect 301

  1. ehdud8451

    What do you choice in http www to https non-www

    There are two ways to go from [http / www] to [https / non-www]. 1. [http www] -> [https www] -> [https non-www] 2. [http www] -> [https non-www] Which one is good for SEO?
  2. C

    Why these code can not work correctly in file for https

    Recently, I want to use htacess file to make all pages from http to https for my a sample). But when I use these code in htacess file and type in google to open, there will show "you need to clear the coockie, it redirects for many times". Anyone could help me view how to solve it...
  3. Guybrushthepirate

    Technical SEO question: redirect one domain to another (no matching within URLs)

    Hi, I am in the process of redirecting one domain to another, but I have some doubts, that maybe some of you can help solve. A bit little of context: the domain that is going to be redirected is a old one (11 years old) and even if the niche are similar, it is not possible to match URLs from...
  4. MagicInternetMoney

    Best Link Cloaking / Affiliate Redirect WP Plugin?

    Hey BHW, Time to step up the game and improve on the smaller things on my websites. What are your favorite WP Plugin for 301 redirecting and tracking affiliate links? I have been using Easy affiliate links for multiple sites and it does the job, but maybe there are better alternatives? What...
  5. Elisa77

    301 redirect + Age trust flow

    If I 301 a 3years old website into a brand new domain will it pass the Age flow or age trust?
  6. Davegnima

    HELP: expired domain with HTTP and www. How to restore or redirect it correctly?

    Hi, I just bought and expired domain that was live with only http and www. domain version. It has nice backlinks to inner posts so I want to recreate some of them in WordPress and keep link juice. How can I redirect specific old urls (http and www) to new ones (https and non www)? Do I need to...
  7. Nody Khan

    Which is best way to redirect 301 ?

    There is a two way to redirect one domain to another domain ... 1. Using. Htaccess file 2. Using Change setting from the domain provider Which one is the best way of 301 redirections for SEO? After domain forwarding my old domain will stay indexed or not? Thank You in advance :)
  8. kurosaki4d

    How to know if a domain name is clean?

    Hi, I have a few domain names that i would like to buy and eventually redirect them to my site. With that said, i need to make sure that these domain names won't have a bad repercussion on my SEO. So how can i make sure that these domains are clean and not spammy? How can i analyze them? What...
  9. Fashina Samson

    Expired Domain 301 Redirect Gone Wrong

    Hey guys, i made a mistake by redirecting an expired domain to my money site, the links were clean to me and for the first 2 weeks the rankings were growing until it started dropping and now does not even rank at all. I have disconnected the expired domain and even disavowed it in GSC, it is...
  10. Nachus74

    [Question] 301 Redirect / 404 Error

    Simple question, Good morning everyone, today I was doing one of my many projects and a question has arisen: Is it necessary to have a 404 page? The problem is that my developer has advised me to do a 301 redirect to the Homepage every time someone tries to access a wrong link (404 Page Not...
  11. dakudaddy

    How many Redirects we Can use ?

    Hey Folks how many redirects we can use on a website i am using 3 redirects at this time on a website but i saw many websites using 100+ redirects anyone know how many redirects we can use on a website ?
  12. T

    Expired Domain to A New Blog Development (Help Needed)

    #REPOST Hi there everyone, This is my second post at BHW Forum. I would like to share and ask for some advice. About 10 months ago I purchased an expired domain form a friend of mine. The domain is good (SEO metrics). My aim behind purchasing the domain is to rebuild the website with fresh...
  13. T

    Redirection Help!! Expired Domain REBUILDING

    Hi there everyone, This is my first post at BHW Forum. I would like to share and ask for some advice. About 10 months ago I purchased an expired domain form a friend of mine. The domain is good (SEO metrics). My aim behind purchasing the domain is to rebuild the website with fresh...
  14. Roger Marquez

    WordPress Redirection Issues

    I recently made some changes to all the SEO page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs on one of my client´s sites. Unfortunately, there´s an error with one of the posts where it keeps redirecting me to its homepage. The site is using Yoast and I have double-checked the Yoast redirection tab and...
  15. dekhajam

    [Q] Homepage URL with Link Building in mind: vs.

    I'm pretty interested in your viewpoint. My website is mainly written in English but I want to keep the option to extend the site later with other languages. At the moment I 301-redirect from to (Nginx rewrite doesn't work because of the progressive web app - don't...
  16. A

    HTTPS migrate question.

    Hi Guys, I got one expired domain in which all the backlinks which that expired domain got was on http. So, my question is if I make a new blog with https will I get the link juice ? I need to do 301 to my https right? And should I make the new blog with www or without www. Most of the...
  17. R

    tool that finds a redirect link to my site

    Hi friends I have a question for advanced Do you know a tool or website that finds a redirect link to the sites I choose or addresses?
  18. J

    Redirect 301 from foreign site- Is it worth in SEO?

    Hi all, I had a foreign language site, 12 years old, DA 30 I now want to close and redirect 301 to english site (the same niche) Does it help ranking on my new english site? Thanks
  19. Vincenzo Udinesi

    Bought Expired Domain: redirected all internal pages to homepage, is that OK?

    Hi, This is the first time I bought an expired domain with some good metrics(to best of my knowledge) and redirected(301) all the internal pages to the homepage because there were many backlinks here and there on images and posts. Also, because I wanted to design a completely new website...
  20. KJREDDY247@

    How to find all 301 redirected domains to a website

    Is there any way to find all the 301 redirected domains for a website?