redirect 301

  1. s4ltysugar

    Any Clue About Redirect 301 Subdomain to External Domain on GitHub?

    hello, does anyone know how to redirect 301 from subdomain to external domain on github?
  2. BR0C0LLI

    Can you fix my REGEX code? (301 redirect 404)

    After web migration and new URL architecture, I need to redirect old URLs because I am getting lot of 404. Old URL examples: New URL...
  3. M

    Need help with Permanent old domain redirect to new one

    So, I have a pretty old domain over 8 years old. I want to permanently 301 redirect it to my other domain. Can i do it with just redirecting the dns and verifying it. Or, i must keep using the hosting server and redirect through .htaccess files. What you recommend? Any help...
  4. Martin Hagen

    Doing a 301 redirect or referring traffic

    Hi, got a question. I own two websites; one is my business ( where I'm trying to rank the highest within my niche. The other is a domain i purchased which is my main keyword ( Today, I have set up as a blank page with a referral button in the...
  5. th_rich

    Multiple domains, 1 website - how to go about it? Sitemaps, index them all, 301 redirects, or?

    I've done a couple hours of research into this and still haven't come to a solid solution. I own a handful of domains, and 1 website. Trying to figure out the best method to leverage the advantage of them. Most blog articles say to just use 301 redirects from the other domains and point them to...
  6. N

    Revenue through: News Site + Fake Traffic + 301 redirects + ads

    Hi everyone, I have a really good friend where I am also making business with from time to time... He showed my yesterday some of his sites, where he - created every day new content - booked some traffic on these pages (millions of visits) - added multiple different advertisement network ads...
  7. J

    301 permanent redirect from keyword domain

    Hi if I want to rank for "online calculator" with my website if I purchase the domain and make 301 permanent redirect to will it help in terms of seo?
  8. N

    My website got blocked by Facebook

    Hello, Facebook blocked my site for not following their community guidelines, I'm thinking of 301 redirection but I don't know how?! Of course, I tried to contact Facebook but had no luck. I have WHM & Cpanel access and bought a new domain pointed to my server. Can anyone tell me what the...
  9. A

    Is this the correct way to redirect?

    I redirect website A to B and the traffic did get passed for a month But now I want to redirect to website C, should I redirect from A -> B -> C or B -> A -> C
  10. P

    PHP framework to HTML website convert without loosing SEO

    one of my website in PHP framework and want to develop in HTML without Loosing SEO how could this possible to match more than 200 pages , redirect to the new one is there any alternate way to move site php to html PHP website page link - in html website -...
  11. P

    Redirection impact in SEO ?

    For example my page url - now we are converting site in html page now the url - old url - new url - Is this condition affect my website seo or not if yes that how to mapp old to new because we have more than 150 pages how to redirect...
  12. castoro

    How to clean redirect the different backlinks on an Expired Domain?

    I've registered (and intend to register more) a few expired domains. I intend to adopt the method explained by @fasttrak in this post. My only question is about how to make a clean set of redirection: Things I want to do: 1) General things: force https force non-www I want to do this but it...
  13. M

    Expired domains: is it worth it?

    I recently read this article: It says that google simply resets a site's entire authority when it expires. I would like to know your opinion and experience on this. If possible, answer the following questions: 1 - Do you...
  14. C45HC0W

    Redirect from premium website was used for spam does it hurt my website?

    I just bought a service which redirects from huffpost to my website via a 301 redirect. however I saw on ahrefs that this website was probably already used for spam. So will this hurt my website? huffingtonpost -> website -> mysite
  15. Aadya

    Should I Redirect These Expired Domains To My Main Domain

    I have a website on dog-related niche started 6 months ago and now it is receiving around 300-600 Monthly Visitors I couldn't work on that website for a single day for the last 2 months because my university called me for offline work but now again I am back at home so wanted to work on it. I...
  16. ehdud8451

    What do you choice in http www to https non-www

    There are two ways to go from [http / www] to [https / non-www]. 1. [http www] -> [https www] -> [https non-www] 2. [http www] -> [https non-www] Which one is good for SEO?
  17. C

    Why these code can not work correctly in file for https

    Recently, I want to use htacess file to make all pages from http to https for my a sample). But when I use these code in htacess file and type in google to open, there will show "you need to clear the coockie, it redirects for many times". Anyone could help me view how to solve it...
  18. Guybrushthepirate

    Technical SEO question: redirect one domain to another (no matching within URLs)

    Hi, I am in the process of redirecting one domain to another, but I have some doubts, that maybe some of you can help solve. A bit little of context: the domain that is going to be redirected is a old one (11 years old) and even if the niche are similar, it is not possible to match URLs from...
  19. MagicInternetMoney

    Best Link Cloaking / Affiliate Redirect WP Plugin?

    Hey BHW, Time to step up the game and improve on the smaller things on my websites. What are your favorite WP Plugin for 301 redirecting and tracking affiliate links? I have been using Easy affiliate links for multiple sites and it does the job, but maybe there are better alternatives? What...
  20. Elisa77

    301 redirect + Age trust flow

    If I 301 a 3years old website into a brand new domain will it pass the Age flow or age trust?
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