1. imGrej

    How to approach companies?

    How do you handle approaching companies to sell ads/promotion? My main account is closing in on 100k and I'm starting to look at contacting businesses to sell advertising to them. But I notice I struggle with how to approach them professionally and effectively.
  2. hendricz

    Methods to make money with Amazon affiliate links WITHOUT a website?

    Hello, Is there any hands-on methods of promoting affiliate links without a website? I am juggling multiple websites and projects, and for me to create an entirely new site would be a waste of time if a return in profit wasn't guaranteed. I'm not looking to make $1000 per day, but just looking...
  3. Des_cartes

    [JV] [Spotify] - Looking for artists and people working with musician

    Hey, After a few weeks of hard work I almost finished to setup my Spotify tools and I'm now looking for people to JV with me. So if you are a musician, know a lot of musicians or already work with musicians who are interested in Spotify promotion send me your Skype with some more information...
  4. D

    have you ever paid a facebook page to post your youtube video?

    if so what was your experience? did your views/subs rise overall? how many followers did the page have and how much did you pay? thanks in advance
  5. mapasorimon

    Wow I reached 500+ connection

    Hello friends I reached 500+ USA connection in my LinkedIn profiles. If anyone want to know how to I promote my profiles let me PM Please. Thanks
  6. mapasorimon

    I got 50 million social traffic source for video promotion

    Hello friends I got 50 million of traffic source for video promotion it's helping me. also you can use those for your video.
  7. NagacomesforU

    Promoter familiar with music promotion

    Hi, I've been IMing since around 4 years ago and ventured into some niches and succeeded on alot. My real passion has always been music though and I am now going to focus on that. So therefore, lately I've been going less into real IM and more into the (EDM) music side of things(promotion). It...
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