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    I promote apps on Instagram but i want to do more

    Hey guys i hope you’re all doing okay well i work with the plug and i promote apps on my Instagram account but it’s not enough because i want to promote on other platforms but i don’t have the autorisation so i wanted to know if someone downloaded my app from my link but it wasn’t from Instagram...
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    How To Promote My OS X Apps For Free?

    I am looking for some effective ways to monetize my free app? Somebody has good suggestions?
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    how to get more downloads and populaire app?

    hi i've just published my 2nd app. my first app i've published 2 monts ago. but doesn't have more than 150 downloads. and 2nd app less than 50. do anyone have some tips? i don;t know how to promote it. i've sign up on different app forums and post my free app. but that's also not working...
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