php redirect

  1. 7yearitch

    mass 301 redirect my whole website

    anyone can help me with this? i'm planning to do one of 2 things: 1) mass 301 my WHOLE website to a churn n burner. might be an interesting case study. 70+ pages worth of content and 100k++ backlinks 2) 301 redirect to a different domain and redirect all the content page-by-page to a fresh url...
  2. painreliefbullet

    Help: PHP Redirect For Affiliate CPA Links

    I have domains that use to forward offers to, but right now I need to do php redirect as my direct links get my yahoo answers posts flagged down. I want to try this method, but I'm not paying for hosting anywhere. Am I missing something to where I can do this with my existing domains even though...
  3. I

    Double Meta Refresh or PhP Redirect?

    i want to promote a cpa offer on facebook ppc. the offer allows socialnet promotions so this won't be a problem. i do not need to hide my traffic source but i do not want my affiliate manager to see my keywords.will facebook let the keywords to be pass if i use simple php redirect? my...
  4. D

    Redirect traffic between three different pages?

    Is there a way to redirect/cycle traffic between three different pages? I mean, traffic comes in to a redirect script [index.php] then script... - sends the first visitor to page-a.php - sends the next visitor to page-b.php - sends the next visitor to page-c.php ...and then starts the...
  5. Y

    redirect individual page only to new site

    hi guys, I need to redirect sitename.c0m/blue-bananas.html to newsite.c0m. I only want to redirect this page, not the entire sitename.c0m domain. How do I do this in php? And, is it possible to send sitename.c0m/red-bananas.html to anothernewsite.c0m as well as the blue-bananas.html...
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