1. snoozebot

    Monetizing 300,000 pageviews/month in the adult niche. Suggestions?

    I have an adult site that receives about 10,000+ pageviews per DAY that I've been monetizing with Cr*kRevenue's pay-per-lead (free) program. Everything was great and I was making some steady leads from a particular offer until they decided my traffic wasn't converting into paid traffic. So I was...
  2. OldMadHatter

    Factoring shaving into the cost of your PPL campaigns

    There are a good few posts here laying it out clearly - shaving is part of the game, happens with all networks, nobody cares you don't like it etc. Good read, answers most of the questions. Once you're done whining, what can you do to deal with it? My approach does not help with every offer...
  3. P

    Please help- need to turn 50-100 emails/day received into cash...thank you!

    Hi! I receive 50-10 emails per day in reply to ads I post for "help wanted" while looking for employees for a business I run. I want to turn these email replies into a cash stream, as well as a source of employees for my co. Does this sound workable? Any recommendations RE: a 'pay-per-email...
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