1. gihanzami

    Small Business Owners: How do you guys organize your important documents? (Digital)

    What solutions are you guys currently using? Are you using any document management system? How do you feel about them? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.
  2. Alex D.

    What's the best way to track daily routine and productivity?

    I decided to be more productive and establish the best daily routine for me. I want to write down every thing which I do during day. I need advice what is the best way to do it, my first thought is creating new sheet in excel workbook for every day but maybe it will be hard to navigate through...
  3. B

    Organzing our "stash"

    Hi everyone, I have a little dilemma which I'm sure a lot of you do as well. We are stuffing our hard disks with PDF's, videos, mp3s, applications etc. and as of now I have no system whatsoever. In fact I have an IM folder which contains several gigabytes with stuff, but I would love to have...
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