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  1. ATuringtest

    Advice on starting a charity / none profit online please

    Along with a couple of colleagues I'm thinking of starting a none profit project for a charitable cause close to my heart. .org please explain the benefits/drawbacks or who would use it. Like I'm a 10 year :) This is tied to education so advice on getting a .edu would be great. Not a scam btw...
  2. blackma

    That Jimmy Wales is such an asshole...

    I was going to put this thread on the shitlist but anyhow.... That Jimmy Wales guy is an asshole. How any billions of page views does wikipedia dot org get every month? Who the f*** knows... but it drives me crazy you visit the site and he is there looking at you with a glare...
  3. D

    .org, .edu. gov Submission?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here... Now I am looking for quality .edu or .gov sites that accept website submission... Anyone can share their findings? Thanks
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