oil spill

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    Gulf oil spill fulfills 100 year old plan

    The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster was prophesied in 1903 by Gustav Meyrink, a European author, banker and occultist. In his 1903 short story - Petroleum, Petroleum - he actually says it is a prophecy. And he actually mentions the Gulf of Mexico as the location of the disaster. And he says the goal...
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    Very sad news, watch these videos to see the massive cover up and learn just how big this disaster is. This blown well is driven by the power of a volcano, over 70K PSI, of which, nothing manmade can handle this extreme pressure, so this is far more hazardous than we are being told, check it...
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    The BP plan for offshore rig riches (comic)

    (NaturalNews) Reports about the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been largely underestimated, according to commentators, including Paul Noel, a Software Engineer for the U.S. Army at Redstone ************** in Alabama. He believes that the pocket of oil that?s been hit is so powerful and...
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