music channel

  1. qazqaz

    Starting a Youtube channel with music covers

    I'm going to start a channel with rock/pop music covers. Old and new songs. But got some questions on my mind. There are so many videos with music covers on YT. I assume that it can't be a copyright problem if you're not using original song, just play it with guitars, piano and vocal on it. But...
  2. P

    How would you promote your own music?

    Let’s say I have a YouTube channel with a few thousand authentic subscribers, and I wanted to start making music. How would I promote that music within the YouTube platform, or rather in general across all social media platforms?
  3. Yale

    Youtube $100+ A Day [My Story]

    Day 1: STEP ONE: Deciding name, programming website. STEP TWO: Rendering a very nice banner and profile photo. STEP THREE: Designing live-stream in OBS STEP FOUR: Launching livestream STEP FIVE: Ranking Livestream Day 2: STEP ONE: Analyze the minimal traffic i will receive, rest is undecided...