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  1. M

    Need some advice about what to do on a parasite hosting with a Trust Flow 45 "Business"

    Hello folks, I'am new en SEO and black hat stuff. I took the hand on an abandoned website with 51AD and 45 trust flow Business (Semrush/Majestic). It's abandonned since the 15dic2021 and I want to build a monney website on it :) Some advice? I also have the hand on 650 websites to post...
  2. Purush

    [Guide] Money making website Building - Keyword research, domain name choosing - Part 1

    Basics of Money Making Websites Building a money making website is the most dreamed one in IM Business. Now as a small contribution I created this guide to cover almost all the area for successful money making website step by step. This is based on my experience not just success story but from...
  3. Scirlix

    My Journey to $25/Day with Traffic exchange

    Hello there! Welcome to this journey! I decided to start a different and unique kind of journey which is making profit with traffic exchange Lets start! -What Do I aim? as in the title $25/day and also 250k visitors per day(dunno how much will i make with that number lol)...