1. styxaerion

    [JOURNEY] Become TOP Site Porn Local Country $50/day

    Hello BHW. Before reading there are 3 things you need to know: 1. My English is not good, please understand. 2. This thread will be very long. If you are lazy to read, just leave. 3. I'm not good at stringing words. Okay, Lets Start... I started using the computer for the first time when...
  2. B

    [Help-Adult] how can that site copy all my site?

    Hi. Sorry, to make a new thread.. I just realized, that my site has been copied. my site : bokepindohot,pw culprit : tiphay,com - content - title - theme - ads - my script i try to change my theme, and that site automatically change too. i try to add new content, or delete content, and that...