merch account t-shirt sell

  1. R

    How do I sell t shirt designs?

    Hi, I create t shirt designs and some of them are hand drawn. I recently applied for MBA but they rejected my application as they can't approve yet. I want to know where can I sell t shirt prints at good price?
  2. R

    I got kick by merch

    I recently requested a merch by amazon account and in a week I got rejected,it feels like I was spit and kick on,because I was really to focus only on merch. So am I f@CK? is there really no way to make them reconsider to accept me?
  3. AdwordsAlgorithm

    Wow Am Approved on Merch by Amazon but faster than i thought

    Am very surprise to see am approved very fast by merch so did amazon reduce the time or what because i have seen other people waiting for month or even more but my application was approved withing some days not sure its even up to a week. I just sign up now let's see what may be hiring designer...
  4. A

    Sell Merch Account

    I sell an empty merch account , please pm for more info .
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