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  1. V

    [Journey] OF agency on IG, how to do contract, IG limit, proxy, iPhone farm, web automation, scrape users, Recruiting model, promotion, subscription.

    I’m still pissed off seeing all of these “gurus” sell courses for hundreds about how to make 7 figures as an OF agency, YOU DON'T NEED their secret knowledge I’m going to be honest, for 99% of you, that’s probably not going to happen. Today marks the 30th day of my journey to building an...
  2. TheSlug

    Little insight on how I made $200+ yesterday

    Things have been going great for me lately. I've been able to keep steady traffic with steady sales :cool: I'm not going to give you my exact traffic sources but i'll run through my overall plan of attack. Goal of this method: get people to sign up to your affiliate offer (i'm using a cc...
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