java script redirects

  1. M

    Is there a java script autoclick ?

    Is there a java script autoclick ? I want java script auto click in site links for extraction popunder ads Because i use traffic exchange sites:( Thank you so much:)
  2. ramtripper

    Need Help! CrazyFlx's Content Gateway Coding!

    Okay, so i've been going at this thing since 1 am and to no avail... the original thread is here: I'm using a Wordpress and have installed the...
  3. S

    please help me...

    how to make one pop when somebody clicks the page? even if they don't leave the page, kind like what mediafire does, you click the page you see a popup. if there was a way to make it open a layer on top of the page it would be great, please help me ill be helpful for me thanks in advance
  4. N

    blank referrer

    Ok guys. I just wanted to share the 3 ways I know to blank your referrer. If you guys know more ways, please share. Hope you guys like it. :eyebrows: 1) double meta refresh <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="> 2) javascript redirect <HEAD>...
  5. R

    Help with Java Redirect

    Please help me w/ my java script redirect. how do I use a php variable for a java script redirect? ex. <? $link = ("h**p://"); ?> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- window.location = "<?$link?>" //--> </script> is this possible? or i am wrong? I need this so i can set a...
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