instagram blcoked users scaper

  1. bmanfacts

    [FOLLOW BLOCKED!!!] Did I get Follow blocked/Flagged on FL?

    As the title states I'm wondering if I was just flagged by IG, received a followblock, or both (one signalling the other). Here's the story in as much detail as possible without making this long. A few days on my FL bot, I shifted an F/U run to a custom scraped list. Once I switched it on one...
  2. Paskrtild

    How to download the list of your blocked IG users ?

    Hello, is there a way to download the list of IG users you have blocked on Instagram and to import that list on a bot such as GMT2 or Jarvee? I used the "download your data" provided by IG app but the list of blocked users comes in a .json file and I don't know how to use it. A scraper that...