https redirect

  1. C

    Looking for HTTPS proxies changing each Request

    I’m looking for HTTPS Proxies that changes each HTTP Request any other then StormProxies? I’m not familiar with any website neither with the one mentioned above . thanking everyone in here <3
  2. moneyguru2013

    Should i index https version of website?

    I have a question, do you have to index the https version of your domain even though the http version is already indexed? I saw an article online which says you have to add the https version in your Google website console to index it also. Wouldn't it be regarded as duplicate content with these...
  3. ocrasorm

    https not working on wordpress site

    Hello Guys, Recently i am trying to attach https on my wordpress site. But facing one problem. After using https embed video is not showing. Here is an example Even after using https Edit, new and other wordpress options are not...
  4. T

    Https to http redirect problem

    Hello! Usually, I am using double meta refresh, but I have recently noticed it does not work on IE 7. So, I have set up a SSL cert and loaded a http page in an iframe on https page. It has blanked the referrer, but IE has shown an alert that the page contains both secure and unsecure items. Is...
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