1. Jack Attack

    Landlord problem—need helps

    Oi lads... oi goats mi problem right here. so oi just move into a new home i did. oi got backs after mi work with mi rocks. it was a long ass day it was. when oi get backs, oi see mi landlord stevens standing in d doorway. oi was like, wtf???? so mi landlord look hangry. e looks at mi...
  2. yorkaz

    Building house till end of 2020 (100k eur in 15 months).

    Hello to all, I'm here for a long time and I know a lot of You :) But you maybe never sow me :) From the start, I can say that English is not my native language so sometimes text can hurt your brain. I naturally from eastern Europe, but currently living in Ireland (Damn, it's an expensive...
  3. dnice2012

    Best Place to retire in USA?

    I changed my profession and cant afford to pay thousands every month for this mortgage . I am not too smart , that's why I am asking your advice , If you had 200,000 to buy a house (no mortgage , everything paid off) where would you live? Thank you
  4. J

    What Is Your Dream Country To Live In?

    Hi People, What is your dream country and ideal setting to live in? To start with, mine is in a place like Denmark in a country side surrounded with forest and have little to no pollution. Something like this I am currently living in Dubai, which is a beautiful place but mostly...
  5. E

    3D Printed House!!! Seriously our world is going to change dramatically!

    Wow our future is going to change so fast. I can believe the things I am hearing about now. I don't know when I hear about all these future inventions I feel a little worried I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about the dramatic changes that are going to take place in our world. Anyways...
  6. C

    Amazing New Uplifting Trance Music

    If you're feeling down, this song will regain your hope in life. Haha, here you guys go
  7. I

    How would you promote a DJ

    Hi BHW, I need your suggestions for promoting a House DJ, who is also producing own tracks. The DJ has allready since 2 years about 2-3 monthly gigs (in his country ) and the Event-Attendees like him pretty much - or some of them even like his fanpage. I appreciate every ideas to promote...
  8. blackma

    I just couldn't hold back this useful information...

    Sorry guys i just couldn't keep this to myself. Who would have known a $1 tub of baking soda could do all this. Just amazing. :eek: I am rushing out to stock up...:D:D:D I hope everybody has a more empowered life after...
  9. Patrat

    Win a House - Check this out!

    Win a house raffle at: Do you think if you set up a site like this but werent actually selling a house - could you get away with it? Would be great i you could! Haha! Your thoughts please...
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