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  1. Ozito

    No Competitors but ads showing at the buttom

    Hey guys, I have this problem once I open up new accounts and it's my ads being shown at the buttom of the page instead of the top of the page even tho I can't find any competitors at the top of the page, there is only me who's promoting this product but my ads is shown at the buttom, I keep...
  2. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Transparency - Advertiser Verification

    Hi everyone, How can I complete advertiser verification? I do not have business.
  3. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Account for BH

    Hi all, which campaign as WH should I create for using account BH later?
  4. M

    Google ADS Blocking

    Hello forum folks, I'm having trouble banning my Google Ads accounts, they were all banned for payment fraud. I use the power of multi-login ads with my mobile data and create a new Gmail on another phone that isn't even mine and I still get blocked.
  5. WhiteHatWorlds

    $1,000 Ad Credit When you Spend $1500

    Hey guys, I got this offer from Google ads and thought I'd share. Get $1,000 in ad credit when you spend your first $1,500 with Google Ads.* Use offer code 3QVCG‑7AUEX‑L4F4. Enjoy.
  6. M

    Questions about MCC account

    Hi! I have a few questions about running BH and GH campaigns under MCC. The MCC have about 100 WH accounts. Everything has the same billing profile. We have some BH/GH accounts running, some of them have gotten suspended over time. I know that every suspension leaves mark on MCC but what are the...
  7. K

    Google ads agency asking advertising verification

    I am using google ads agency from many days.but from last week asking need advertising verification for run ads.. any solution so I can bypass verification? Or any agency sites which don't ask advertising verification? Advance thanks
  8. rocketpr

    [JV] My Ad Campaigns, High Ticket Offers, and All Costs - Your Aged Google Ads Account with Spend History - 5-8% Commission on My Daily Spend for You!

    Seeking Google Ads Specialist with Established Account I'm in need of a seasoned Google Ads specialist to collaborate on several white-hat campaigns. Currently, my Google Ads account is unavailable, and I am looking for someone with a mature account with a decent spend history. While I have a...
  9. smail1

    Qeustion about IPTV google ads ?

    I have a question please I want to run a search advertising campaign on Google IPTV ! It is better (bid strategy: impression share or maximize clicks) ?
  10. Matron

    ✅ Buy Reactivated Google Ads Account ❤️With Live Demo Camping Click & Impression ✅ Fast Delivery ✅ 24/7 Support

    Are you looking for Reactivated Google Ads €300 And $500 threshold accounts? We are Sale Reactivated Google Ads Accounts With Live Demo Camping Click & Impression. PRICING Reactivated €300 Account = $110 Reactivated $500 Account = $130 TAT: 48 HRS REFUND POLICY Full Refund if account is not...
  11. YeezyPay

    Warming Up Google Ads Accounts: The Process, Time, and Costs Involved

    In recent years, affiliates involved in both white-hat and gray-hat affiliate marketing have been discussing the necessity of "warming up" their Google Ads accounts. On BHW forum, a dedicated thread was created to explore the best strategies for warming up accounts, but no clear consensus has...
  12. Adsexpert

    Circumventing Systems - Google Ads

    Hello all, 1) My website code has "noindex". Does this trigger circumventing systems? 2) My website has redirection to other websites. Does this trigger circumventing systems?
  13. RugerIP

    Hiring : Run Black Hat Google / TikTok / YouTube Ads

    Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. ;) About: Me and my group are looking for someone with a lot of experience to run our Black Hat Ads (Google Ads, TikTok Ads or YouTube Ads) for our niche. The Ads must be small budget, well optimized and very effective. As sales increase we...
  14. A

    Google ads policy violation

    Hello, I have a question that I have been struggling with for a while. I have set up a BH campaign, I sell followers and likes for social media (cloaking is on) After a few days I add BH keywords, then it quickly gets suspended. When I put normal keywords in it works, but I have no...
  15. WhiteHatWorlds

    Google Has Increased Their Security to the MAX!

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, many users are getting suspended right away even when they havent done anything wrong. Most new accounts will now get suspended and will have to be appealed to run ads now. Advertiser verification is a must, it also helps them detect multiple accounts...
  16. RugerIP

    Hiring : Run Google Ads / Help with SEO!

    Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. ;) About: Me and my group are looking to expand and have someone who is highly knowledge on BHW join our team. We are currently on the 'Marketing & Advertising' part of our operation and need some information / knowledge or someone to get some...
  17. Adsexpert

    How Do Agencies Create Accounts?

    Hi all, How do agencies create accounts for different companies on the same pc? Thanks
  18. Adsexpert

    Browser for Google Ads

    If I use portable browsers which are launched on the same desktop, will it be detected? Any free antidetect browsers are appreciated on this post. Thanks.
  19. V

    I want to run ads on google ads. but google suspended my account again and again. anyone can help me.keywords are com mytv, amazom mytv com

    I want to run ads on google ads. but google suspended my account again and again. anyone can help me.keywords are com mytv, amazom mytv com. also am looking for old and strong ads accounts. invoice account as well
  20. F

    Hi guyz! I need somebody to create a bot for me and also to make me CPA ads in a very competitive business. Thanks

    I need someone who can make strategies cpa google ads and someone who are able to create a bot with ip changer. Thanks
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