gaming niches

  1. whois1games

    Are Gaming Cheat Generators still working?

    I wanted to start CPA on Gaming Hack and Cheat Generator. Before this, I was doing fine but Google hit my site.
  2. djsobuj

    Is web 2.0 and gaming hack niches dies?

    Is web 2.0 and gaming hack niches dies? I try to rank with web 2.0 but failed. I buy web 2.0 from seoclark and blast them with gsa blog comments. All my web 2.0 are index after I blast them with gsa but my ranking is not improve and my main/money site not index properly.
  3. Epicster

    301 Redirect the old penalized site, will the penalty going to pass

    So here's the situation. The old site got hit with Pure Spam Penalty - BH niches ( everyone knows ) If I 301 redirect it to another site which is indexed, will the penalty going to be passed or not or i am safe until i fuck up the new site.
  4. Epicster

    Sites Disappeared from google search #1 positions to no where. what might be wrong?

    So, here comes the situation I got the site which was ranking steadily for a month or so on no.1 positions for google but yesterday all of a sudden it disappeared from no.1 positions to no where. Other sites i got also disappeared. The serpbook still shows my site for some keywords on no.1...
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