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  1. pulok

    How to create 100 or more IG account and maintain it for free?

    hey guys,i want to make some smail money from cpa.I find it very difficult to get free traffic from any platform to earn money.I saw a post in BHW where they where saying it is possible to run 100-500 or Instagram account and you can use it for CPA and other stuff.My question is is there any way...
  2. pulok

    How to earn from cpa marketing without investment in 2017?

    hey guys, I'm struggling hard to earn 1$ a day from free cpa marketing.I don't have any money to 2017 most of the method of free traffic is not working.I have tried a lot.IS THERE ANY METHOD WHICH CAN BE USE TO EARN A DECIENT MONEY FROM CPA, from free traffic .Which method will be best...