1. G

    Just Cloak it [Stole my money $798]

    Please read it till the end, i worked with Just Cloak it in 2017 but now it is not working anymore and stole my money. i got an account on Just Clack it cost me $399, i created my first campaign and it was under review after less than 12 hour i found my campaign [Money LP] on Adplexity mobile...
  2. A

    Need Someone To Setup Campaign Using Fraudfilter

    I need to hire a Fraudfilter expert to set up a campaign plus install PageGuard for the landing pages using .php script.
  3. S

    Help to setup fraudfilter

    I need help to setup "fraudfilter" I will pay the person can support me. Regards
  4. Mani Sheikh

    I need best Cloaker to block VPN/VPS, Government and Data-center IP Adresses

    I need best Cloaker to block VPN/VPS, Government & Data-center IP Addresses and the main point if I don't want to block Bots, Bots Based on UserAgent etc. I just want to block user based on IP addresses as I mentioned above there. For example: (FraudFilter's Screenshot) So is there is any...
  5. iRunOnNative

    Price difference between FraudFilter - Justcloackit

    Hey guys! Simple question here: Do you thing the price difference between these two services is justified? JustCloakIt basic monthly plan is $400 vs Fraudfilter which is $200. Is Fraudfilter that bad? or JustCloakIt is overpriced? I'm only trying to understand. I've been using FF and got a...
  6. A

    Is Fraudfilter (former Fraudbuster) death? Alternatives?

    Lately we have a lot of trouble with FRaudfilter (former Fraudbuster). First the did cut off any stats - explaining they were to cost intensive to maintain. It was kind of bad timing because it happened when here in the board first rumors started, they would steal a % of the traffic of their...