1. deBling

    Another youtube channel while Flagged First

    Hi, thanks for troubling my question, but the thing is that I want to open new youtube channel, because first have 2 flags, SO my question is, if i got flagged my movie on second(new) channel, then I will get terminated my adsense account ? Does is it count warnings from first channel combined ?
  2. B

    hii fake flags on my channel can anyone help me?

    hii im having fake flags on my channel and my channel has been determined can anyone help me cuz my channel has been closed with no reason just about that my video has been ranked good and it getting views more than others can anyone help me how to get back,thanks.
  3. webmarketingmaster

    Youtube Flagging Question

    I have a few questions about youtube flagging! I have about 30-40 channels I want removed. These channels have 30-50 videos in each channel that are ALL THE SAME with spun titles and descriptions. I know you cant flag a channel. 1- Do I need to flag each video in each channel to...
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